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Direction // Animation


I had the wonderful opportunity to work with one of my favorite games, Apex Legends, as well as the the talented people at Respawn Entertainment. This was hands down one of the most fun and challenging projects I've ever had the pleasure to work on.


We were asked to bring life to the story of Crypto, the new legend for Apex Legends. With two months to spare, we dived right into creating an animatic, character sheets, concept design, vo recording. Within two weeks we were able to start full production which gave us 1½ month to put everything together.

  • Date

    September 19, 2019

  • Client

    Respawn Entertainment

  • Credits

    Produced by Passion Pictures // Directed by Mads Broni - 2D Animation - Thomas Rietbergen // 2D LEAD Jonghyun Jung // 2D & FX SUPERVISOR Maxime Jouniot // 2D ANIMATOR Malcolm Wopé // 2D ANIMATOR Michiru Baudet // 2D ANIMATOR Myriam Fourati // 2D ANIMATOR Marguerite Dumans // 2D ANIMATOR Sandy Lachkar // 2D ANIMATOR Lise Leigier // 2D ANIMATOR Ugo Offner // 2D ANIMATOR Constance Bertoux // 2D ANIMATOR Mila Monaghan // 2D ANIMATOR Dara Dharmaperwira // 2D CLEAN-UP ARTIST Herlinne Setzekorn // 2D CLEAN-UP ARTIST - 3D & Comp - Mads Broni // 3D + COMP Guillaume Le Roux // 3D + COMP Ryan J. Close // FUI DESIGN + ANIMATION Yuki Sogabe // PARTICLE SIMULATION Rudy Parfaite // MATTE PAINTING Youssef Gamal // 3D NIGHT CITYSCAPE - Pre-production - Kim Nguyen // 2D, ANIMATIC Robin Lhebrard // CONCEPT ART Lap Pun Cheung // CONCEPT ART

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