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Creative Direction // Animation


The lovely people over at Good Shepherd Entertainment reached out once again, wanting me to direct another trailer for their upcoming indie 8-bit shoot-em-up game Black Future 88'.


With a little longer deadline, I wanted to attempt to create one long 3D camera movement, without any 'fake' cut's in between. Furthermore I wanted to have the visual style be just as saturated and stylized as the game itself, which was dialed up even further this time around.

  • Client

    Good Shepherd Entertainment

  • Credits

    Director, 3D Animator, Producer, Compositing: Mads Broni // Lead Character Animator: Thomas Rietbergen // Character Animator: Sergio 'Max' Cajazeiras and Jonghyun Jung // FX Cel Animator: Jonghyun Jung // Score remix + SFX: Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

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